Tips for Printing Business Cards in Melbourne

Having a business card is not just about handing out a card with your name and contact information in it, but instead, it is something that must be given a lot of thought and consideration as it is your way of getting the attention of your potential prospects or your target market for your business.

Having an effective business card then should contain more than just your contact information and your name, but rather the 3.5” x 2” space of your card must be used wisely. It must be able to fit in some information about your company and perhaps your company’s logo would be appropriate as well.

Some tips to have an efficient business card includes:

  1. It should contain only what is necessary

Your business card should only have the right amount of information in it and must have something to raise and keep the interest of your clients.

  1. Make it easy to read

It is important to make your business card easy to read at a quick glance. Be careful of using fonts that are either too fancy, too small or anything that will make it hard to read. You can also make your logo as the element to add color. Make your card simple and direct to the point without looking or sounding uninteresting.

  1. Avoid using the entire space

Have a little white space in your business card so that the recipient will have a space to write some notes on to remember you or your business. Aside from this, it will help catch the attention of the space with your logo and text as well. 

  1. Have them professionally printed

It is important for your Melbourne business cards to create an impact on your clients and have a professional look which is why it is appropriate to only have them printed professionally. Having DIY cards tend to look cheap.

  1. Create your card with your clients in mind

If you have more than one business that is related or complements each other, you may use one card for them by using the front part for one business and then the back for the other. But if your businesses have a different nature from one another, it is best that you have a separate card for each to avoid confusion.

  1. Choose a special but appropriate finishing

There are so many options available to choose from in terms of the type of finishing. You may opt for rounded corners, die-cuts, have an unusual size, emboss some foil accents, have holes punched through or if relevant to your design and brand, you may even use folds that will turn your business card into a mini- brochure. 

Though there are several options for finishing, it is important to choose something that complements your brand. Something to not consider might be a black and glossy card as it may irritate someone who likes writing down notes.

  1. Make something proactive

You may create a text that includes an offer to a discount or refers to a website, or even a piece of short information that is useful to the recipient. Do you need to have some business cards printed? If so, come to Little Print for all your Melbourne area printing. We will help you get professionally printed business cards right away.