How to Design a Brochure

One of the marketing tools that is known to be effective is brochures. A lot of businesses tend to make their designs for their brochures because they want to execute their ideas and what they have in mind exactly. If you are not keen on hiring professional graphic designers, it is also fine, but you need to learn some tips about coming up with effective brochure design. This way, it will be beneficial to your business.

How to Format a Brochure

When making a brochure, it is important to know some essentials, and it greatly includes the text and the formatting. The content is very limited, and it should be short but very clear. Each paragraph must only have three sentences, and the total space should not go beyond ten lines. Brochure design involves an entirely different text formatting rules, so you have to know them if you are making your own. It is important to note that the texts must be readable within an arm’s reach. If you can successfully create your brochure design, you will have a big chance to get leads on potential prospects and be able to provide them with some information about your business.

Placing Images in a Brochure

Images are other important features of brochure design. They are as essential as the messages included in the brochure because they speak to your prospects as well. Often, a catchy and interesting visual representation is what draws attention to the clients, and it is why it is important to also take into great consideration having photos and graphics that are of high quality. If you can achieve this, then you have reached your goal to get the attention of your potential clients. This can also mean good for your business.

Brochures as Marketing Tools

Brochures can certainly be very effective marketing tools and an excellent way to reach out to your clients and give them information about you and your company. They can be used to sell small-ticket items via direct mail. If your intention for your brochure is to be the main generator of your sales, then you need to create something bold, exciting, and convincing. You must then create a powerful or highly impactful brochure design to have something effective. If you are doing your brochure for direct mail business, then you must still use the white space around the images and texts appropriately. Small ticket items are used to entice and excite clients.

Professional Help with Your Brochure Design

If you do not have the creative skills for designing, you should get help from professional graphic designers and layout artists because they can do the work for you. We can help you print brochures in our Melbourne printing company. Oftentimes, it is better to invest in good talents as well to help you have an effective brochure design, and it will undoubtedly pay off. These professionals not only help save you from going through the hassles of the design process, but they also make you save time, thus allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business.


Current Trends for Printing Catalogs

How IKEA Set Trends For Printing Catalog

Printing business is taking every large company by storm with the benefits that they can get. To name a few when it comes to home improvements and furniture is IKEA’s move to take things seriously when it comes to printing catalogs.

The Swedish Furniture knows how to enter your home quickly and to set trends that influence most individuals to renovate or add something new based on IKEA’s massive influence. With the new print catalog in stores, everyone is swept away by the concepts and themes that you may want to add additional space inside your home.

IKEA is known as one of the best trendsetters, and their printed catalog says it all. Numbers don’t lie, and when you sold over 180 million of copy for just one printed catalog, well, did we mention that print has 283 colorful and enticing pages, concepts, themes, and ideas? In 72 variety of versions that come in 29 languages worldwide. Now that’s when IKEA is using excellent marketing strategy to captivated the world through a single compilation of ideas.

What’s interesting is how the company takes advantage of the benefits that they can get with printing ideas, themes, and home concepts, which does not grow old but keeps getting better. It may look like an evitable risk, but this company has established an excellent reputation that even if you put your company’s 70% allocated marketing budget, you know it won’t hurt because of how you foresight the outcome.

The print version of the most famous brochures is not just about the success of smart printing but with proper strategies accompanied by the idea. It’s all about the unique experience that you give most readers when they touch your printed pages. That simple “magazine moment” is enticing enough to keep your followers coming back for more or waits for your next big hit!

Understanding The Benefits Of Online Printing

Innovation and the modern lifestyle are some of the pointers on how you can take advantage of the digital world and printing together. At first, you may think that the idea is contradicting — however, IKEA and some companies that advantage of the benefits that the printing world has to offer. From customized covers and prints to bringing artificial intelligence and augmented reality in your business, you’ll surely get the best of both worlds.

Programmable Digital Printing Features

Digital and programmable printing, such as those found in campaign ads, encourage public interest to participate in a company’s personalized promos. This, for example, is taking a storm in Brazil through printing and advertising agencies such as Isobar. When QR Codes are introduced to customers and gives enticing promos for them to try and scan the printing campaigns, you are not just advertising the product but the idea of the digital print itself.

Taking advantage of human nature’s love for vouchers, discount coupons, and freebies are some of the most famous brands’ way of getting the public’s interest. Burger King, Subway, and even Mc Donald’s are among the few. This means you’ll also have to survey and adjust the programmable and digital prints to be competitive without sounding one.

  • Ease of use with technology
  • Public engagement
  • Promo codes and coupons
  • Accurate data collection based on general activities
  • Enables you to plan new programs for competition

Innovations and technology are engaging the public to participate in digital advertisements with convenience. For example, with the ability to maximize the use of whereabouts, a specific group of people engages with promos, and the time allotted to that, you can use different campaigns that record the most activities people are involved with. With the data that has been collected, you can safely say that this encounter is both beneficial for the printing department and business at the same time.

The Power Of Digital Marketing And Its Impact To Printing Business

With a protected space for most brands building their names or securing their investments, online and digital printing takes the initiative to avoid fraud and unnecessary use of contents that may damage its publicity. Taking the next step towards engaging more and more people to participate in digital activities is becoming a trend.

The key secret to a successful print and advertising is by making sure that more and more people are embracing the new era of digital printing without leaving the printing business offshore. Being futuristic about how the world will change while taking advantage of its benefits is essential, especially in the print and digital world.

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The Latest and Biggest Developments in Paper

Paper has come a long way since it was first discovered and used in antiquity. It was an important tool in shaping civilizations and in education. Several thousand years after, the use of paper is no longer as widespread. There is a growing shift from paper products to digital materials on account of speed, conservation, and cost.

Unknown to many, paper and pulp also continues to grow and adapt to the changing times. In case you missed it, here are five of the latest and biggest developments in the paper industry.

Bacteria-immune paper

A North American firm called Sappi has been working on paper that retards the growth of bacteria. The application for this technology is countless and will undoubtedly prevent the spread of disease and illnesses in sanitary environments. The Sharklet paper will be helpful for hospitals, laboratories, and sterile areas.

As the name implies, this innovation banks on the studies that have been conducted on the skin of sharks. It has been discovered before that algae do not grow on the surface of a shark’s skin. If at all, the rate is absolutely slower. The Sharklet paper makes surfaces bacteria-resistant without the need for adding toxic chemicals or additives.

The paper has a diamond-shaped pattern and has tiny elements, no more than a tenth of the size of a human red blood cell.

Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper

Cyber hackers and identity thieves are able to hack online accounts, computers, and even mobile phones by piggybacking on the Wi-Fi network. French scientists have had enough of this problem and developed a wallpaper that secures your Wi-Fi signal. The product is called Metapaper and it filters electromagnetic waves depending on the setting. It lets mobile phone signals through while preventing the Wi-Fi network from being tapped.

This innovation not only works on privacy issues but more importantly internet security and safety of financial records.

Zika Test

The Zika virus is one of the most threatening viruses in the world today. It is a mosquito-borne disease that can cause severe birth defects to children if their mothers catch the virus while pregnant.  It is important to detect the presence of the Zika virus early. At Harvard University, a team of scientists has developed an ingenious Zika test that uses paper discs. These discs are embedded with freeze-dried synthetic gene circuits. The discs change color if the blood sample is positive for the virus.

This is a handy took since most of the affected persons live in far-flung areas or mountainous regions. The portable test could prevent loss of life and epidemics.

Cancer Detection Tool

The litmus test was invented long ago to check the PH balance of ingredients and substances. The medical and scientific field has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Nowadays, nanoparticles are used to detect a wide range of diseases, including cancer. The nanoparticles are injected into a patient to detect if a tumor is cancerous. The nanoparticles will exit when the person pees and the paper test will detect the presence of the biomarkers. This simple test eliminates the need for painful biopsies which include the use of long needles.

Fire-proof Pulp

Yes, it is possible. Pulp and paper are known to be flammable materials, but researchers in Finland have found a way to keep it from burning. VVT Technical Research Centre discovered that tiny cellulose fibers from wood pulp can be converted into flame-retardant coatings for buildings made of wood. The nanocellulose has 10x more solid content and is able to create an airtight barrier on the wood so oxygen does not reach the surface during a fire.

Of course, there is also the regular type of paper that most businesses need a Melbourne printing company for. If you need printing in the Melbourne CBD, bring your project to us. We look forward to helping you with your Melbourne printing projects.

These are just five new applications for paper and paper products in the modern age. It just goes to show that paper will be here to stay for thousands of years more.